Claire and Dan Lightfoot - 14th January 2017Jennifer and James Oliphant - 4th February 2017Kieley and Peter Hall - 24th February 2017Jessica and Liam Downing - 25th February 2017Lyndsey and Ritchie Lattimore - 11th March 2017Lyndsey and Richard Brown - 17th March 2017Sarah and David Charlton - 25th March 2017Sonja and Matthew Wiecek - 31st March 2017Laura and Paul Smith - 8th April 2017Helen and Michael Gibbons - 9th April 2017Rachel and Adam Barrett - 13th April 2017Laura and James Saunders - 15th April 2017Rachel and Kenny Linton - 21st April 2017Melissa and Alex Todd - 23rd April 2017Sarah and Johnathon Gray - 21st May 2017Katy and Gareth Final - 20th May 2017Vicky and Nick Shek - 22nd May 2017Vicky and Nick Shek - 23rd May 2017Lizzie and Alessio Soave -  27th May 2017Lesley and Matthew Gardiner - 28th May 2017Rosie and Anthony Kennedy - 29th May 2017Anna and Adam Whyte - 2nd June 2017Yvonne and Jordan Kwok - 4th June 2017Yvonne and Jordan Kwok - 5th June 2017Lucy  and Jack Rochester - 9th June 2017Joanne and Steve Buckingham - 10th June 2017Laura and Darren Thompson - 17th June 2017Charlotte and Paul McBride - 23rd June 2017Cheryl and Lee Allan 24th June 2017Sally and Nick Gillespie - 30th June 2017Rachael and David Mawdsley - 1st July 2017Sylvia and Stuart Ho - 2nd July 2017Sylvia and Stuart Ho - 3rd July 2017Rachael and Mark Ellis - 8th July 2017Ashleigh and Richard Henry - 15th July 2017Beth and Luke Walker - 20th July 2017Emma and Richard Willis - 21st July 2017Stephanie and and Nathan Brannen - 24th July 2017